/ Headquarter

sedeSTUDIO S.T.L. ENGINEERING  was founded in 2001 by David Arise, a long experienced technical director and designer.
S.T.L. puts creativity and professionalism at the service of the market, at a time when innovation and research are the key to overcome any difficulty. Ideal partner for engineering companies, such as flanking or internal technical studies.

S.T.L. ENGINEERING considers technology innovation essential for development and growth.
The young employees are able to use most of the two and three dimensional design software cad, interfacing with mechanical projects in omnifarious sectors.

S.T.L. ENGINEERING has a flexible structure , and is capable to manage projects and clients with different types and different requirements, while respecting the needs of each.
The office may act as an external support, designing and developing new machines and lines, or equally can fit within an already started project cycle, for the drafting of 3D models, 2D or in order to accomplish individual parts of a project . It is also possible to have the presence of a qualified technician at the customer site.